MyFerrLady’s Magical Boutique

Lotions, Potions, Reiki, and Tarot

My Ferr Lady’s Magical Boutique

Lotions Potions, Reiki, & Tarot

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Lotions & Potions

All-natural lotions and potions made with Peace, Love, and a little bit of Magick!


Reiki can help you heal physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma energetically.


Tarot can provide guidance for your life.

About MyFerrLady

MyFerrLady believes strongly in the healing magic of energy, peace, and love and extends that peace and love through all her services. Only natural ingredients are used in the products making sure there no artificial dyes or preservatives since we absorb so much through our skin! All products and services come with peace, love, and a little bit of Magick

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Peace & Love

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