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Reiki is a Japanese modality for energy healing. When we are born, we carry over behavioral traits, attitudes, fears, illnesses, and beliefs from our parents, ancestors, religions, and DNA memory. These inherited imbalances affect our lives as well. Unexplained fears are generally a sign of these inherited memories and Reiki is an amazing way to help release these stored emotions and limiting beliefs. Genetic code is not fixed and can be modified. 

As we learn and grow, we tend to incur more limiting beliefs than those we let go. Reiki can help balance these imbalances including hereditary illnesses, cultural behavioral patterns, inherited religious dogma or fears, past traumas, and environmental factors from man-made things like pollution and genetically modified food. 


*Sessions can be performed remotely.


Chakra balancing is extremely important for all around health! When your chakras (wheels of energy, or energy centers) are out of balance, our bodies can display sickness. I balance chakras using reiki energy, crystals, aromatherapy and sound therapy. 

$50 1/2 hr

*Sessions can be performed remotely.


Tarot is a form of guidance. The cards I use are elemental, derived from the elements of earth, fire, air and water. Over the years, Tarot has come to have a negative connotation from those that don’t truly understand what the purpose is. Rather than seeing it as divination, it is simply guidance for your goals and things that may need to be addressed, or changed, for you to follow your true path. 



 Tea & Tarot parties* (includes mini foot zone) $95/person

Sessions can be performed remotely.

*must have three or more people

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